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Comet offers an all-in-one solution to back up your data to a cloud provider of your choice. This takes the work out of setting up your own environment for backup service providers and system administrators. Manage backups for your endpoints in one place.

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Easy setup, run backups
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Back up to Comet Storage
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Packed With All The Features IT Providers Need

Deliver Data Protection
Protect computers, servers, virtual machines, Microsoft 365, databases, and more. Install the agent on your endpoints to start protecting your data.
Direct-To-Cloud Backups
All data is compressed, encrypted and deduplicated and sent from the endpoint directly to your cloud storage destination. No full re-uploads after your first backup.
Flexible Storage Options
Total storage flexibility — you choose where you backup your data. Utilize Comet Storage for a built-in, all-in-one solution, or bring your own cloud provider.
Turnkey Solution
Fully managed updates. No need to worry about hardware maintenance, redundancy and reliability. All maintained by Comet.

How Comet-Hosted Management Server Console Works

Start Running Backups and Restores
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Centralized Control With Comet-Hosted Management Console

Your system’s data is secure, easily discoverable and always accessible

What’s Included With The Comet-Hosted Management Console?

Installation and Maintenance

Features Comet-Hosted Self-Hosted
Automatic start up (no download or installation required) X
CPU, RAM, Disk Space and other system requirements X
Fully managed quarterly software updates X
Access to Comet’s fast-track weekly software updates X
Comet Storage automatically configured X
Can be hosted anywhere X
HIPAA compatible X
GDPR compatible
Server replication available for high availability X

Storage Options & Features

Features Comet-Hosted Self-Hosted
Back up to Comet Storage
Back up to any S3-compatible cloud storage
Backup to on-prem storage X
Storage replication available X
Maintenance and clean-up of unused storage buckets
Set user quotas (e.g. storage limit)

Features Parity

Features Comet-Hosted Self-Hosted
Direct-to-cloud, compressed and deduplicated backups
More than a dozen backup types including Files & Folders,
Disk Image, M365, VMs, and more
Ransomware protection including: S3 storage object lock
& zero trust encryption
Email reporting
Audit logging X
Code signing
IP rate limiting X
IP whitelist X

Console Access and Management

Features Comet-Hosted Self-Hosted
Language and time customization
Set up tenant accounts X
Set up admin accounts X
Security features including: 2FA, HTTPS, SSL & SSO
No RMM required
Integration with third-party applications
Simplified API support
Full API support X
Help desk support

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Frequently Asked Questions About Comet-Hosted

Why do I need a management server console to run backups?


Comet runs on a client-server model. Comet's management console, called the Comet Server, is required to manage user accounts, as well as configure backup and device settings

To get started with Comet Backup, your first step is to select and set up a Comet Server, either Self-Hosted or Comet-Hosted, to register devices to be backed up.

Where is the Comet-Hosted management server console located?


The Comet-Hosted Server is hosted on a private AWS cloud account. There are four AWS regions where the Comet Server can be hosted: US West, US East, EU Frankfurt, and EU London.

However, the Comet-Hosted Server does not store any backups, so this does not limit the storage location.

Customers can back up to on-prem storage or to any bucket region available with their S3-compatible cloud storage.

Do I need my own storage? What are my storage options with Comet-Hosted?


With Comet, you choose where your data is stored. With Comet-Hosted you can backup to:

  • Comet Storage, a bundled Wasabi storage offering
  • Any S3-compatible cloud storage provider (see a full list of options here)

How many backups can it run? How does it scale with numerous users?


All backup and restore functions are carried out by the Comet Backup client.

Since the bulk of the backup and restore operations happen client-side, the Comet Server is freed up to accommodate a huge number of users and up to several thousand devices per Server instance.

Do I need more than one Comet-Hosted management server console?


No, most users only need one Comet-Hosted Server instance to manage their users, devices, and backups. For individual use cases and management needs, please book a call with our Sales team or email us to discuss your unique requirements.