Simple Monthly Pricing

Comet Server for the Cloud

Comet-Hosted Server
Comet-Hosted Server
Your central location for managing and protecting devices, users and storage on a Server managed and hosted by Comet

$49 / month

Comet Backup for Device Endpoints

Endpoint Device License
Endpoint Device License
Install Comet on Windows, Windows Server, Linux or Mac devices

$2 / device / month

Free Boosters
Free Boosters
  • Files and Folders
  • Program Output
  • Windows System Server State
  • MySQL


Standard Boosters
Standard Boosters
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • Application-Aware Writer

+ $1 / booster / month

Advanced Boosters
Advanced Boosters
Windows Disk Image

+ $3 / month

Comet Backup for Virtual Machines

Install Comet within the network and connect directly to vCenter or ESXi

$5 / guest / month


$39 / host / month

Install Comet on a Windows host and connect directly to Hyper-V

$3 / guest / month


$24 / host / month

Comet Backup for Storage Appliances

Install Comet on Synology NAS devices

$3 / NAS device / month

Comet Backup for Cloud Services

Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365
Install Comet on one or more devices to protect Microsoft 365 cloud environments

$1.50 / user / month

Choose Optional Extras

Additional Comet-Hosted Server
Additional Comet-Hosted Server
For more flexibility and geo-redundancy

$49 / server / month

Comet Storage <div style='font-size: 0.8rem; position: relative; bottom: -5px; left: 30px; line-height: 0px; margin-bottom: 15px;'>powered by Wasabi</div>
Comet Storage
powered by Wasabi
Take advantage of Comet's all-in-one solution for backup and storage

$6.99 / TB / month

Business Upgrades for Advanced Users

Comet Self-Hosted Server Licenses
Comet Self-Hosted Server Licenses
Control your setup and utilize the infrastructure of your choice

$99 / single server / month


$199 / unlimited servers / month

No charges for replication, rebranding, updates or technical support
Monthly costs are based on a 30-day cycle

Moving to Comet From Another Provider?

Benefit from our competitive upgrade pricing to help offset your migration costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing

How do payments work?


Devices are charged per User account.

Take note that we charge monthly fees but device fees are applied and deducted real time - you will not receive a full monthly bill.

For example, if you add a device on the 2nd of this month, that device will be charged on your account on the 2nd of the next month, which means you will get several charges along the month based on when devices are added.

You will also see daily charges for the Comet-Hosted Server as its monthly fee is broken down daily.

Given this, it is important to have automatic payment set up on your account. You can purchase credit packs ranging from $100 to $10,000 (USD). Credit packs from $1,000 and higher will give you free credit ranging from $25 to $1,000 in value. Your credits never expire.

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

All fees are in USD.

Will my credit pack ever expire?


There is no expiry for any credit packs purchased after August 9, 2021. Any credit packs purchased before that date have an expiry date.

How are charges applied for connected and removed devices?


Each device connected to any of your servers consumes a monthly charge based on the product type in use (e.g. Comet Backup for Device Endpoints, Comet Backup for Virtual Machines, etc.). Devices removed from your servers do not consume any charge until they are re-activated again, at which time catch-up charges are applied.

What is Comet Storage?


Comet offers an all-in-one solution to backup your data to Wasabi hot cloud storage through a native integration. This takes the work out of setting up a separate storage account. Pay a single bill with the same price as buying directly from Wasabi.

Visit our Comet Storage product page to learn more.

Can I offer free demos and trials of Comet to my customers?


Yes, Comet offers a 14-day Customer guarantee. This applies to any new user account you create, allowing you to demonstrate the service to your customer. Simply delete a user account within 14 days of creating it, and all charges will be automatically refunded.