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$3 per device

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$1 per device

Additional Services

$49 - First 500 devices + boosters
$39 - Each additional 500 devices + boosters

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No charges for support, Comet Server licenses, replication, rebranding or updates.

Monthly usage is calculated on a 30 day basis. Account credit never expires.

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FAQs About Pricing

Can I purchase a booster without the Files & Folders backup?


No, Files and Folders is Comet's base offering. After adding the devices you can choose additional boosters for the protected device.

There are also other services to choose: 'Comet-Hosted service' where we can host and manage the server for you; CloudView as backup monitoring and CRM tool (Comet-focused edition of MyClient).

How do payments work?


Device charges are charged per user account.

From your dashboard billing section purchase credit packs ranging from $100 to $10,000 (USD). Automatic payments can be configured to maintain a positive credit balance. Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Will my credit pack ever expire?


There is no expiry for any credit packs purchased after August 9, 2021. Any credit packs purchased before that date have an expiry date.

How are charges applied for connected and removed devices?


Each device connected to any of your servers consumes a base charge of $2 per month. Devices removed from your servers do not consume any charge until they are re-activated again, at which time catch-up charges are applied.

Can I offer free demos and trials of Comet to my customers?


Yes, Comet offers a 14-day Customer guarantee. This applies to any new user account you create, allowing you to demonstrate the service to your customer. Simply delete a user account within 14 days of creating it, and all charges will be automatically refunded.