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Comet Enterprise

Simple, Fair and Affordable pricing

You only pay for what you use

Add credit when it suits you

Pay per protected device

You're in control.

Switching from a competitor?

Receive our Competitive Upgrade Promotion

Getting started is easy

1. Sign up for a trial and receive free credit
2. Setup Comet Server in less than 15 minutes
3. Activate users and start backing up immediately
4. Add credit to your account at any time

How our pricing works

Adding credit is easy

To back up with Comet, you'll need to credit your account. To get you started we will give you $100 free credit (valid for 30 days).

We make life easy for you, because we put you in complete control of your costs.

You can credit your account at any time. Buy little and often, or in bulk and save.
It's up to you.

Your credit is used to activate licenses and boosters.


You need one of these for each protected device.

per 30 days


Add more power to
Comet Backup. Learn more

per 30 days
We calculate spending daily. Some months are longer than others, so we use a 30 day cycle to keep things more consistent.

Adding Credit to Your Account

Adding Credit is Easy
You can add credit using a Credit Card, or via direct payment to our Bank account.

Estimate your Costs

How many devices will you backup?
How many 'boosters' will you need?
Estimated monthly total (USD):

Buy in Bulk and Save

Pay little and often, or in bulk and save. You choose.
Prepayment Amount Bonus Credit Total
$100 - $100
$200 - $200
$500 $50 $550
$1,000 $200 $1,200
$5,000 $1,250 $6,250
$10,000 $3,000 $13,000
Prices are all in USD (United States Dollar) Credit has a life of 12 months before it expires, so only buy as much as you will use. Our Console will help you work out how much to prepay.

From time to time, we offer promotions - such as Bonus Credit. Bonus Credit might have a shorter expiry period - we'll tell you when we issue it. Don't worry though; the Console will automatically deduct the credit that is expiring first, and we clearly show you the expiry dates of your existing credit.

If you're paying by telegraphic transfer, there is a $25 fee per transaction.


Boosters give Comet more power by adding special capabilities. These are enterprise features, so they cost a little more.
Boosters can only be added to an existing Comet Backup Device license. If you choose to add a Booster, your credit will be deducted at the following rates.
MS Exchange
per 30 days
per 30 days

per 30 days
per 30 days
per hypervisor


Add-ons are additional services that complement your Comet infrastructure.
Add-ons are managed via manually activated subscriptions. If you choose to subscribe to an add-on, your credit will be deducted at the following rates.

Competitive Upgrade Promotion

Already using backup software, but want to change to Comet?
Great, we'd like to help you with that.
Firstly, contact our technical team and give them a heads-up. They might be able to assist you in converting your customers to Comet. Secondly, take advantage of our great Competitive Upgrade promotion below. Join the Comet revolution, and we'll give you Free Credit. Lots of it.
Prepayment Amount Bonus Credit Competitive Upgrade Bonus Total Value
$100 - $20 $120
$200 - $50 $250
$500 $50 $200 $750
$1,000 $200 $400 $1,600
$5,000 $1,250 $2,000 $8,250
$10,000 $3,000 $5,000 $18,000
Standard credit and bonus credit expires after 12 months.
Competitive upgrade Bonus Credit expires after 3 months.
Competitive upgrade can only be used once.
Must be exercised within 30 days of first using Comet (following the trial period).

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