About Us

Since 2012 we have been providing services to the backup industry through our sister company, MyClient Global. Over the years we worked with 100’s of backup companies and service providers across the globe and been listening to their thoughts on the backup industry and its existing products.

In late 2015 we recognized that there was a place in the backup industry for a new vendor. Tapping into the years of customer feedback and our own technical experience of existing backup products, we drafted the outline of our ideal backup product. ‘HBP’ or hypothetical backup product was the internal project name we used until we had satisfied our proof of concept. After extensive testing we recognized the potential and shortly after Comet was born.

We chose the name Comet because we wanted something different and not boring because we don’t do boring.

Our founders have a long history building innovative Cloud technologies and turning them into successful businesses. The common thread through all of these businesses has been CEO, Peter Thomas.

1999: Quik Internet

A start-up provider of dial-up internet and web hosting services. Sold in 2004, and eventually became part of Vodafone.

2002: Business Link

Bringing technology and small business together, Business Link aimed to help like-minded businesses network, share ideas and business strategy.

2004: Internet Business Development Group

Before it was known as the Cloud, we identified the growing demand for genuinely interactive web applications. IBDG was formed to develop and deploy innovative systems for the Web. Sold in 2009, and still running under a new brand.

2007: Nexus Data

Our first foray into Online Backup, using someone else's software. We built a very successful business that was a leader in its field for both financial success, and innovation. The business was sold to J2 Global in 2012.

2009: MyClient Global

On the back of the experience gained by IBDG and Nexus, we developed a powerful management platform aimed at taking the pain out of running an online backup business. The idea was commercialized in 2010, and is still the leader in its field.

2017: Comet

Actually, Comet has been around for a while but has been kept under wraps until now. Help us write the story ;)

Top Performing G2 Leader

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