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Getting Started 

Setting up Comet Server 

Once you have downloaded and installed the Comet Server, you will be presented with the Service Manager app and the setup wizard.

1. Server Activation 

To validate your Comet Enterprise Server, please enter your account details.

Alternatively you can enter a serial number. To generate serials from, log in to the Dashboard, then click the "My Servers" link in the top menu, then click the "Add Server" button.

2. Web Interface 

Comet Server is accessed via a web interface. From here you can configure access to the Server Web Interface. Please note the addresses in the drop down for the Server Interface. You can also configure SSL from this screen. Use a free, automatically-renewing SSL certificate with the 'Automatic' option that integrates with Let's Encrypt.

3. Admin accounts 

Configure administrative account access to your Comet Server. We strongly suggest changing the password of the admin user.

4. Customer Data Storage 

From this screen you can select the location where your Comet server will backup data to.

5. Wizard Complete 

You have now setup the basic elements of your Comet Server to run a backup. Press 'finish' and your Comet server will start and the Server Interface will be available at the addresses in the drop-down of step 2.

6. Enterprise Server Login 

After navigating to the address of your Comet server in a browser, you will be able to login the server.

7. Add a User 

From the quick actions menu, select "Add User". This allows you to create a new user/customer that can run backups.

During this process, you can choose if you want to be able to reset their password; the default storage vault they will back up to; and if they will be part of a policy group. You can configure these additional options at a later date if you wish.

9. Download and install the Comet Backup client 

Using the quick actions menu, you can download the Comet Backup client and install it on the device you wish to backup.

9. Log into the Comet Backup client 

Once you have installed the Comet Backup client, you can login with the user details you created to setup a backup start by selecting '+ Add Protected Item' from here simply follow the short wizard to create a backup. Upon completing this you can run the backup or leave it to run on schedule if you created one.

That covers the basics of setting up your Comet Enterprise server to run a backup.

Further assistance 

Please see the Comet Server configuration documentation for a more detailed explanation of the setup process.

If you need any further support please open a ticket from inside the My Account section of

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