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Comet is a flexible backup platform, giving you total control over your backup environment and storage destinations.

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All-in-One Backup Platform

All-in-One Platform

Manage backups for all your users in one place with our white label software solution.

Simple per device pricing

Simple Pricing

Grow your bottom line with our simple, profitable per device pricing.

You're in control of your backup environment and storage destinations

You’re in Control

You choose your backup destination, server location, configuration and setup.

Fast and secure backup for







Office 365

Microsoft 365

Files & Folders

Files & Folders





Emails & Calendars

Emails & Calendars


Deliver Data Protection for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Whether you’re looking for cloud backup, computer backup or data backup, Comet provides solutions to protect and restore partitions, databases, servers, files and folders. We support Windows, MacOS and Linux backup.

Comet scales with your business. Provide backup on your terms. No contracts. Free replication, free support and free white labelling, rebrand the software with your logo. Comet’s intuitive, all-in-one platform lightens the workload for your team.

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Powered by Modern 'Chunking' Technology: fast, secure and encrypted

Fast, secure, encrypted and incremental forever

What makes Comet a Momentum Leader? Chunking is a leap forward for backup software from the status quo. Using client-side deduplication, data is broken into compressed, encrypted chunks creating bandwidth and storage space efficiency. Our backups are incremental forever and after the first backup, you’ll never have to re-upload the full file again.

Our software is reliable, configurable and secure by design. With near-weekly and quarterly software releases, community input drives our development roadmap.

How it Works

Increase your Capabilities with our Flexible Integrations

Comet’s third party integrations help you connect with industry-leading vendors like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi, Backblaze and Google Cloud.

Or build out internal capabilities using the API to deeply integrate your Comet Server into your own backup environment and processes. Flexible and always up to date, Comet’s API expands to fit your versatile needs.

Explore Integrations
Increase your capabilities with our flexible integrations

Packed with All the Features IT Providers Need

Fast, Flexible and Secure

Fast, Flexible and Secure

Data Deduplication

Data Deduplication

Free Support

Free Support

White Label Software

White Label Software

Start Running Backups and Restores in Less than 15 Minutes

30-Day Free Trial • No Credit Card Required • Easy Deployment

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High Performer Server and database backup Best Meets Requirements Momentum Leader Database and Server Backup Users loves us

Users love us

“Comet makes offering backup services to my clients so incredibly easy. Comet's support team is just completely amazing, my last interaction with support sold me on Comet for life. No one even comes close to how fantastic Comet's support team is.”

Matthew P, Owner, Capterra Review

“Backup and recovery is super fast. The support is amazing, they give real answers and provide effective solutions and workarounds very quickly. New, smart and scalable solution.”

IT Admin, G2 Review

"Awesome backup for MSPs. Very easy to use and setup.”

Matt I, Owner, Capterra Review

“Without a doubt, Comet Backup is the most flexible backup management software that I have used. The support is excellent. The interface is very simple. The prices are very accessible.”

IT Admin, G2 Review

"Perfect software. Very easy to use and manage, very simple to install and a fast product.”

Robbert V, System Manager, Capterra Review

“I like Comet Backup because it is very modern software. It recognizes the data or information that has already been saved, so it will not duplicate that. Its functions are very efficient and thanks to that we can maintain a large amount of business data backed up in the cloud.”

Augustina G, Software Developer, G2 Review

"Great backup software. The software is small, brandable and easy to use. Backup is fast and reliable."

Raymond J, Capterra Review

“After extensive testing on multiple machines we can safely say that the software performs as expected and more. It was able to scan through many GBs of data and upload that data to our cloud servers in just a few minutes as an incremental backup with version history—in comparison to alternative backup solutions out there this is very impressive.”

Software Admin, G2 Review

“Easy to deploy. Lots of features and web based!”

Tim K, IT Management, Capterra Review

“It is a very versatile and easy to use software. It offers a very intuitive interface so it is not necessary for an expert to configure it, because it is clear enough for anyone to be able to handle it.”

Anna Karina H, Software Developer, G2 Review

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