Backup and Restore your
Microsoft Exchange Server

Protect your Microsoft Exchange Server from security threats and retention policy gaps.
Quickly restore data with fast, easy recovery.

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Fast and secure backup for

Microsoft Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007

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Exchange 2010

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Microsoft Exchange 2019

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Backup the entire EDB
for disaster recovery

Multiple disaster
recovery options

Remotely configure
backups from the server

Key Features to Protect your Microsoft Exchange Server

Backup Features

Backup Features

  • Select individual or all tables and databases to backup
  • Set your backup mode: full, copy, incremental or differential
  • Deduplication of data for fast, band-width efficient backups
  • Backup to your own storage locations
  • Backup direct to the cloud
  • Flexible, customizable scheduling
  • Incremental backup technology enables cost-effective storage savings
Restore Features

Restore Features

  • Snapshot includes the *.edb file, the *.log/*.stm/*.chk files, and more
  • Reinstate the Information Store files directly as a whole for disaster recovery
  • Recover individual mailboxes and messages from an attached recovery database
  • Restore and replace the full EDB file for disaster recovery
  • Option to mount the Exchange EDB file as a recovery database (RDB)
  • Support for third-party applications to extract content
Management Features

Management Features

  • Secure, military-grade encryption during backup, transit and at rest
  • Live connection between the server and the agent to update file selections in real time
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Backup / restore job logs
  • Custom email reporting
  • Select from 9 customizable retention range policies
  • Customize pre and post commands

Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft Exchange Backup

Can I back up a hybrid environment or cloud Exchange Online server?


The “Microsoft Exchange” Protected Item type in Comet supports backing up an on-premises Exchange Server only. If you have a hybrid or cloud environment we recommend using Comet’s Office 365 Protected Item type instead to perform mail-level backup of your data.

Is it possible to restore mail-level data?


Yes, you can extract mail-level data from a fully restored EDB database by attaching it as a recovery database to the Exchange Server.

Where can I backup my Microsoft Exchange data to?


Comet supports many storage destinations including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, or you can bring your own hard drives or FTP/SFTP server.

Can I set my own schedules for Microsoft Exchange backups?


Yes, Comet allows customizable backup scheduling. We also have 9 customizable retention range policies to choose from and customizable email reporting.

How does the pricing for the Microsoft Exchange booster work?


Files & Folders backup is Comet's base offering. After adding your protected devices, you can choose additional boosters, such as Microsoft Exchange. The cost of protecting a single device with one Microsoft Exchange backup is $2 for Files & Folder backup + $1 for the Microsoft Exchange booster = $3/device per month (in USD).
Calculate your monthly usage with our Backup Cost Calculator.