Backup and Restore
entire systems with Disk Image

Bare-metal backup and restoration of Windows partitions, workstations, laptops and servers direct from the cloud.

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Backup full images
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Temporary spool
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Bare-metal restore
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Key Features to Protect your System

Backup Features

Backup Features

  • Fast, bandwidth-efficient backups
  • Backup entire disk images
  • Backup individual drives or partitions
  • Backup direct to cloud
  • Include unused sectors for forensic backups, or exclude for space efficiency
  • Incremental and scheduled backups
  • Backup to your own storage locations
  • Temporary spool space not required
Restore Features

Restore Features

  • Restore disks or partitions back to any disk of the same or greater size
  • Restore files or folders individually
  • Recreate partitions to the exact target size
  • Restore as virtual disk files (.vmdk)
  • Restore to the same device or a different device
  • Restore to local virtual machine or a cloud server
  • USB recovery media for bare-metal restorations
Management Features

Management Features

  • User warnings when drive's partition structure changes
  • Use web server console to edit disk or partition selections
  • Crash-consistent partition backup
  • Secure encryption during backup, transit and at rest
  • Exclude unused space from disk in backup image
  • Backup/restore job logs

Centralized Management with Comet’s Intuitive User Interface

Your system’s data is secure, easily discoverable and always accessible

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Frequently Asked Questions about Disk Image backup

Can I backup to local, network, NAS, external drive, or the cloud?


Yes, all of those storage locations are supported. All supported storage destinations are detailed here:

Can I run multiple backups (Disk Image and Files & Folders backups) on the same machine at the same time?


Yes, Comet supports running multiple backup jobs simultaneously, to the same or different storage locations.

Does Disk Imaging also work for Windows Servers?


Yes, the Disk Image backup will work on most newer versions of Windows Server. The minimum requirements are detailed here:

For USB recovery, can the image be downloaded from the server during the restore process?


Comet's USB Recovery option allows you to boot into a minimal Windows-like environment. Log-in to the user profile account, download the backed-up Disk Image from the storage location, and write it to the hard disks of the connected machine. This is a bare-metal type recovery.

Can I restore the full disk to an external drive for cloning?


Yes, however the destination device needs to be as large as the original. You can also restore as .VMDK file format, which allows mounting in many different virtual machine programs (VirtualBox, QEMu, and so forth).

Will a disk image restore work on systems that cannot physically be accessed?


As the backup administrator, when the target PC is online and running it is possible to remotely initiate a restore job from the admin web interface, by remote-controlling a live-connected Comet instance.

How does the pricing for the Disk Image booster work?


Files & Folders backup is Comet's base offering. After adding your protected devices, you can choose additional boosters, such as Disk Image. The cost of protecting a single device with disk image backup is $2 for Files & Folder backup + $3 for the Disk Image booster = $5/device per month (in USD)
Calculate your monthly usage with our Backup Cost Calculator: