Backup your Comet data to Catalyst Cloud object storage

Comet Enterprise Catalyst Cloud
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Cheap per-device pricing,
$100 of free account credit on sign-up.
GB per hour pricing,
with your first $300 free.
Data centres in Wellington, Porirua, and Hamilton.

New Zealand born and bred – and committed to remaining so.

Catalyst Cloud data centres are in based Wellington, Porirua, and Hamilton. Being local to cloud users means faster upload and download times. Catalyst Cloud are committed to ensuring your data will remain only in New Zealand.

Resilient, reliable and replicated.

Designed for 99.999999999% durability, object storage automatically replicates your data to preserve three copies of it - one copy in each region of the Catalyst Cloud. Automatic checksums run from time to time to ensure data integrity. Objects are automatically re-created from healthy replicas if data corruption is detected.

Resilient, reliable and replicated.
Adding a Catalyst Cloud Storage vault in Comet client

Effective, expeditious and efficient.

Configure Catalyst Cloud Object Storage as a backend storage option for your server, or backup directly from the Comet client - whatever your configuration, Comet provides advanced encryption, powerful compression, and incremental-forever backup for your Catalyst Cloud Object Storage backups.