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Comet can be installed using a pre-packed installer for both Windows and Linux, requiring little preparation, and no third-party software dependencies. Just run the installer, update some simple configuration, and you're ready to go.


We're here for you. Our unique support model, with technical staff in New Zealand and the United Kingdom means that we have skilled support staff covering the globe in your local time zone. We offer smart, efficient support and priority support for when you need it.


Many backup companies struggle with legacy code and software architecture. Not us. Both Comet Server, and Comet Backup have been designed from the ground up to be lightweight and efficient, utilizing the latest technology and programming methods to create a uniquely light, stable and efficient solution.


Both Comet Server and Comet Backup can be re-branded to include your company name, logo and key messaging. In fact, you can even rename Comet completely. We stay behind the scenes and help facilitate your superior backup solution, that your customers will thank you for.


Comet stores data differently, so it can also restore data differently. All files are stored as multiple "chunks". As data changes within files, we update the chunk, keeping the old ones for retention purposes. Restores are fast (limited only by your connection and disk speed!), as the chunks are ready to go together without any client-side processing.


Comet supports seamless storage across multiple storage locations and types. Data can span across local on-disk or SAN storage, Cloud (Amazon, Google, etc), SFTP, local copy + more. Coming soon - automatically spill data over to the cloud when your on-disk storage becomes full.

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When installing Comet Server, the following "roles" are pre-packaged, and can be optionally enabled by the Administrator. There is no need to separately install these components. Each role can be either utilized on the one (physical or virtual) server, or they can each be installed on separate hardware.
A typical enterprise deployment of Comet will utilize all of these roles.


  • Management of users & customers.
  • General configuration and security settings.
  • General configuration, security and SSL management.
  • Remote configuration management of Comet Backup.
  • Branding workshop - create branded Comet Backup installers.
  • Handling of direct-to-cloud data storage model.


  • [Optional] Required if you are providing your own storage, however if only providing Cloud storage, then the Auth role can direct all data straight to the cloud.
  • Efficiently span data across multiple vaults, local and Cloud-based vaults simultaneously.
  • Supports multiple storage types and operable on all common versions of Windows and Linux.


  • [Optional] Highly recommended in enterprise deployments.
  • Highly efficient, automated, multi-threaded replication that you can rely on.
  • Supports one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many replication.
  • Full replication of user configuration and storage data.


  • [Optional] Highly recommended if using replication.
  • Ensures that redundant data is correctly handled across multiple storage locations.
  • Oversees all Comet Storage servers and automatically purges unused storage buckets and performs general storage maintenance tasks.


  • Built-in SSL support, with no need to buy your own SSL cert (using LetsEncrypt). Just one line of configuration gets you up and running with industry-recognised secure SSL support.
  • Don't be duped. Our highly innovative deduplication leaves others trailing. All chunks are checked for duplication before uploading, saving on bandwidth and storage. Comet's smart deduplication saves money for both you and the end user.
  • Comet is highly secure as it does not require the user's password to be exposed to the server for the purpose of "delta merging" or "synthetic full" backups. These methods can make the data vulnerable to corruption and hacking. Comet's super secure chunking method means that these issues are completely avoided.
  • Restore data at galactic speeds. Data chunking technology means that files are stored on Comet Server in a "ready" state for restoration. There is no need to download additional, unnecessary data and no time-wasting client-side merging process. Comet downloads exactly what it needs to decompress and decrypt the data.
  • Our API is at the heart of Comet Server. For most SaaS solutions, the API is an afterthought and constantly lags behind the core features. Not so for Comet, because our API is at the heart of Comet Server. In fact, the Comet Server web interface uses Comet's API to render itself. The API is fully functional, with no missing or inconsistent feature implementations.

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This is the software that gets installed on the protected computer.

Lightweight installer - less than 15MB

Comet is a "native" installer built in C++. There are no cumbersome external libraries such as Java or .NET required to run it.

The installer can be re-branded to meet your requirements, and supports the addition of your own code signing certificate.

Compatible with Windows & Linux

Full support for all major releases of Windows, macOS and Linux.

32 or 64 bit support. We recommend Windows 7 or newer.

Support for iOS & Android coming very soon.

Easy for beginners, advanced for power users

We've designed Comet for you and your customers. Beginners can get up and running with file-level backups in minutes. Power users can get the most out of Comet with advanced features like data-stream, MySQL backup and MS-SQL backup.

Booster addons for even more power

We're working on lots of boosters to help you get the most out of Comet. MS Exchange, Hyper-V and MS SQL are available now, with more on the way.

Need something special? Contact us with a feature request.


  • Our chunking algorithm is the heart of Comet. It makes backing up and restoring 60% faster than other methods. It reduces data storage by optimizing deduplication and avoids the need for periodic full backups.
  • Comet backup uniquely maintains a live connection to Comet Server, allowing for configuration updates on the server to be instantly updated on the client. This also allows instant remote triggering of backup and restore tasks.
  • Comet's intuitive interface has been rigorously tested to strike the critical balance between usability for non-technical users, but packed with advanced features for power users.
  • Simultaneous tasking and multi-threading allow you to perform multiple backups and restores on the same device simultaneously.