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Votes Name
7LDAP for user logins
7Replicate Admin accounts and TOTP information to replica Auth servers
7Single button to cancel all in progress jobs.
7CBT driver
7Separate retention pass from backup job.
7Update restore treeview to show versions of each file
7Don't backup on some networks (VPN / mobile 4G / ...)
6Tagging Servers and Workstations (at the device level)
6Do not attempt skipped backups
6Remember names for deleted Protected Items
6Public Download Links
6API - Last Successful Backup in User Profile
6Show Storage Vault destination while backing up
6Linux Repository
6Set a global option to display speed in Mbps
6Limit number of concurrently running backups per client and storage vault
6Desktop GUI for Linux (Ubuntu / GNOME / KDE)
6NinjaRMM Integration
6Backup File Selection Order
6Agent interface left column width
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