Feature Requests

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Votes NameComments
9Group accounts (ordering) for "Connected Devices" and "Users" 1
9Desktop app - Show Protected Item Size 4
8Show Logs button for RUNNING jobs in GUI 0
8Server Setup wizard - usability improvement suggestions 2
8Desktop GUI for Linux (Ubuntu / GNOME / KDE) 2
8Remember names for deleted Protected Items 2
8Public Download Links 3
8Estimate Backup Size 6
8Linux Repository 3
8Limit number of concurrently running backups per client and storage vault 0
8Schedule - Last Day of the Month 1
8Vault Retention by Size 0
8Don't backup on some networks (VPN / mobile 4G / ...) 8
7List of files actual backup job 2
7Comet Server web interface - open reports in new window 0
7Show Storage Vault destination while backing up 1
7Software Login Screen Customization (Contact Info, password help, etc) 0
7CBT driver 2
7Update restore treeview to show versions of each file 1
7Replicate Admin accounts and TOTP information to replica Auth servers 1
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