Feature Requests

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Votes Name
11Web Interface - Night Mode
11Set custom "default layout" for Comet Server Web Interface (number of entries and columns)
11Connectwise Integration
11Send critical warnings from the server log via email to the admin
10Removing Device Also Removes Storage
10Show next scheduled time of protected items n the "Protected Items" web interface
10User Signup Through App
10Autotask RMM Integration
9Separate retention pass from backup job.
9Backup ACLs for files and directories
9LDAP for user logins
9Ship Comet Server as a Docker Container
9Force user to change password on first logon/connect
9Bare Metal Recovery / MacOS Full System Backup
9Syncro MSP RMM-PSA integration
9Warning messages color
9Desktop app - Show Protected Item Size
8 TrendingQNAP Install
8Show Logs button for RUNNING jobs in GUI
8Vault Retention by Size
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