Feature Requests

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Votes Name
16Mini restore client
16Change Text on Email Reports
15Centralize Branding configurations
15Restore back to original directory structure in Windows
15Even faster restore (yes, faster)
15Android Backup
13Implement admin audit trail
13Ship Comet Server as a VM Appliance
13Disk Usage over Time Chart
13Further reduce number of "unlock" errors
12Clone or Duplicate a Policy
12Extend policies with schedule, protected items and retention settings
12Improve Replication
11Sync Local Backups to Other Storage (delayed / asynchronous)
11Set custom "default layout" for Comet Server Web Interface (number of entries and columns)
11Add Two Factor Authentication to Comet Client
11Connectwise Integration
11 TrendingStart backup after sleep standby or hibernation
11More control over hourly backups
10Combine all Device backup reports into one single backup notification email.
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