Feature Requests

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Votes NameComments
19Alias / Rename cloud storage providers - The ability to White Label them 18
18Mini restore client 4
18Linux - init.d script / systemd unit / RPMs 5
18Change Text on Email Reports 1
17Start backup after sleep standby or hibernation 4
17Rebrandable Help Files 1
17Send critical warnings from the server log via email to the admin 5
16Centralize Branding configurations 1
16Further reduce number of "unlock" errors 2
16Exchange mailbox support 4
16More control over hourly backups 1
15Implement admin audit trail 2
14Web Interface - Night Mode 1
14Disk Usage over Time Chart 2
13Add System Tray Context Menu Backup Options 0
13Ship Comet Server as a VM Appliance 2
13Extend policies with schedule, protected items and retention settings 1
13Provide Windows client as MSI 2
13Improve Replication 3
12Historical Online/Offline Status or "Last Seen Date/Time" 0
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