Feature Requests

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Votes NameComments
28update Comet Server from web interface 2
28Temporary pause 6
28Live mount restore 4
27Storage Buckets TOTAL Size 2
26Client Icons and Colours 6
26Linux - backup-tool command-line documentation 0
24sub accounts (for customers) 2
24Quota notification 1
23Standalone Restore Tool for Emergencies 6
23restore to hyperv server 0
23See duration of offline devices 0
22Offline behaviour 4
22 TrendingRemotely change server login URL for Comet Backup clients 1
22More obvious way to get back to a running job's progress 4
21Sequential Backup Schedules 1
21progress bars in management console 0
21Even faster restore (yes, faster) 2
20Add Two Factor Authentication to Comet Client 4
20Android Backup 1
19Combine all Device backup reports into one single backup notification email. 4
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