Feature Requests

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Votes Name
25Client Icons and Colours
24Reseller support
24Warn customer if backups have not succeeded since several days
24Linux - backup-tool command-line documentation
22Storage Buckets TOTAL Size
21Temporary pause
21sub accounts (for customers)
21restore to hyperv server
20Quota notification
20See duration of offline devices
20update Comet Server from web interface
20More obvious way to get back to a running job's progress
18Sequential Backup Schedules
17Alias / Rename cloud storage providers - The ability to White Label them
17Offline behaviour
17Linux - init.d script / systemd unit / RPMs
17Standalone Restore Tool for Emergencies of Last Resort
17Remotely change server login URL for Comet Backup clients
16Rebrandable Help Files
16progress bars in management console
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