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Votes NameComments
4recover progress bar after upgrade or software close 1
4Date and Time at devices 0
4Remove Resources from Public Website 1
4Computer Stats in every backup report 4
4allow users to change load balance cut offs 3
4FreeNAS / FreeBSD support 2
4Ability to select sort column in Restore selected items dialog 0
4Specify User Account for Command Execution 0
3Customizing Backup Clients 2
3Clicking on "Job History" should update straight away 0
3Multiple policies 3
3Ability to Re-Open a Closed Ticket or Reference Closed Tickets 0
3MySQL Server Database Table Backup 5
3Folder paths and/or filenames in email notifications 2
3what type of license to assign to the customer 7
3Add Sample Policies 0
3Multiple Users access GUI 0
3Add additional variables for command line installation 2
3protect plans with password 3
2Policy - Enforce Email Report to a specific address for monitoring 5
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