Feature Requests

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Votes Name
4Silent install support for macOS
4Add a Policy to prevent the use of UNC Paths
4recover progress bar after upgrade or software close
4Notification popup
4Client News To Selected Users
4Show Comet Version in History tab in GUI app
3 TrendingSimplify the "Confirm EFS keys are exported" feature
3Password View or Confirmation
3 TrendingCentralised Management for updating multiple Comet Servers + monitoring their storage usage
3Folder paths and/or filenames in email notifications
3Add Sample Policies
3Multiple Users access GUI
3protect plans with password
3Ability to select sort column in Restore selected items dialog
2what type of license to assign to the customer
2Add an optional field to support tickets - "User Account"
2In Policies have an option to turn on Take File System Snapshot
2Analytics integration (Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika)
2Extending Quota settings
2Policy - Enforce Email Report to a specific address for monitoring
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