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Votes Name
6Limit number of concurrently running backups per client and storage vault
6NinjaRMM Integration
6Backup File Selection Order
6Delete selected files from within existing backup job snapshot
6Sharepoint farm backup
6 TrendingNeed policy to control automatic unlocking of software interface
6File based include/exclude lists
5Per-Device Backup Info on Software Account Page
5Support for ZFS snapshots
5color picker - preview selection
5Plesk addon for backup
5Data delete confirmation
5Comet Server should show device version on User page Devices tab
5Ask For Replace File
5Display a list of the files currently being backed up in Job
5Include regex
5Resize column widths in the Restore selected items dialog
5New Account / Device Notifications
5Add booster support to WHMCS
5Add Duo Mobile as an option for two-factor auth
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