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4Silent install support for macOS 0
9Force user to change password on first logon/connect 0
2Policies option: Set Cancel Backup After A Set Time 0
4Set Proxy Though Client Interface 0
21See duration of offline devices 0
6Backup File Selection Order 0
20progress bars in management console 0
5Client News To Selected Users 0
5Include regex 0
5Comet Server should show device version on User page Devices tab 0
9Backup ACLs for files and directories 0
5Data delete confirmation 0
5Add booster support to WHMCS 0
23restore to hyperv server 0
3Clicking on "Job History" should update straight away 0
10 TrendingHistorical Online/Offline Status or "Last Seen Date/Time" 0
3Ability to Re-Open a Closed Ticket or Reference Closed Tickets 0
5Comet Server web interface - open reports in new window 0
4Notification popup 0
3Add Sample Policies 0
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