Feature Requests

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Votes Feature Request
14Trending Bare Metal Recovery / Full Windows System Backup
11 Prelogon service install integrated into the installer
8 OSX Support
6 Client Web Interface
6 Set default retention period for new vaults
6Trending Web Interface Restore
5 Default options/policies for clients
5 Bandwidth Throttling
5 Reset user account password / recovery key options
5 Automatic VSS mode
5 VMware Support
4 Office 365 Backup (booster)
4 Custom Device/Client Reports
4Trending backup verification
4Trending Detailed Backup Reports
3 Even faster restore (yes, faster)
3 Live mount restore
3 Improved cancellation
3 Run backup on laptop reboot
3Trending Backup Email Report
3 Add additional users to your account
2 Sharepoint farm backup
1 Expand range of conversions from other products
1 New Account Notifications
1 Client News To Selected Users
1 Connectwise Integration
1 Deeper Integration with MyClient