Feature Requests

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Votes Feature Request
26 Bare Metal Recovery / Full Windows System Backup
16 Bandwidth Throttling
16Trending Continuous backup
15 Filenames in backup reports
15 Client Web Interface
15 Prelogon service install integrated into the installer
14 Web Interface Restore
12 Backup Email Report
12 Run missed task - next time the computer is online
10 Default options/policies for clients
10 backup verification
9 Automatic VSS mode
9 VMware Support
8 Restore - Search by filename
8 Synology DSM NAS Support
8 A devices page
8 Add credentials to local path
7 Even faster restore (yes, faster)
7 Office 365 Backup (booster)
7 Set default retention period for new vaults
7 More obvious way to get back to a running job's progress
6 Live mount restore
5 Weekdays only schedule
5 auto uninstall when account deleted
4 Deeper Integration with MyClient
4 Resize column widths in the Restore selected items dialog
4 Auto detect files
4 Temporary pause
4Trending Schedule: On Startup
3 Sharepoint farm backup
3 Connectwise Integration
3 Web Interface - Night Mode
3 Help - link in client
3 Add Device columns in "Buckets Users" page
3 Update restore treeview to show versions of each file
3 Remove Client information from Account TAB
3 Send critical warnings from the server log via email to the admin
3 Client Icons and Colours
3 Mongo Backup
3 Autotask RMM Integration
3Trending File based include/exclude lists
2 Expand range of conversions from other products
2 Ability to select sort column in Restore selected items dialog
2 Improve Replication
2 protect plans with password
2 Multiple Users access GUI
2Trending Exchange mailbox support
1 New Account Notifications
1 Client News To Selected Users
1 Improve "REQUEST A FEATURE" with priority choice
1 Add Two Factor Authentication to Comet Client
1 admin account
1 Run MISSED backups
1Trending Mounting backups