Feature Requests

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Votes Feature Request
98 Bare Metal Recovery / Full Windows System Backup
90 Continuous backup
65 Office 365 Backup (booster)
65 Remotely browse customer's PC for files when setting up new Protected Items in the Comet Server web interface
57Trending Restore - Search by filename
50 Trial or Paid
50 Downloadable Backup Archive
44 Bandwidth Throttling
43 Add an option to test email / SMTP settings
41 auto uninstall when account deleted
35 Detection of ransomware when backing up
33 hyperv file restore
32 VMware Support
32 Cloud to Cloud backup
32 Official Forum and KB for Troubleshooting
31 Default backup selections (Documents / Pictures / ...)
30 Synology DSM NAS Support
29 backup verification
26 Live mount restore
25 Server auto-create direct cloud buckets
24 Client Icons and Colours
24 Reseller support
24 Linux - backup-tool command-line documentation
22 Storage Buckets TOTAL Size
21 restore to hyperv server
21 sub accounts (for customers)
21 Warn customer if backups have not succeeded since several days
20 Temporary pause
20 update Comet Server from web interface
20 See duration of offline devices
19 More obvious way to get back to a running job's progress
19 Quota notification
18 Sequential Backup Schedules
17 Offline behaviour
17 Standalone Restore Tool for Emergencies of Last Resort
16 Linux - init.d script / systemd unit / RPMs
16 Mini restore client
16 Remotely change server login URL for Comet Backup clients
16 progress bars in management console
16 Alias / Rename cloud storage providers - The ability to White Label them
15 Even faster restore (yes, faster)
15 Change Text on Email Reports
15 Centralize Branding configurations
14 Android Backup
14Trending Rebrandable Help Files
13 Disk Usage over Time Chart
13 Implement admin audit trail
13 Restore back to original directory structure in Windows
12 Improve Replication
12 Further reduce number of "unlock" errors
12 Extend policies with schedule, protected items and retention settings
12 Ship Comet Server as a VM Appliance
12 Clone or Duplicate a Policy
11 Connectwise Integration
11 Set custom "default layout" for Comet Server Web Interface (number of entries and columns)
11 More control over hourly backups
11 Sync Local Backups to Other Storage (delayed / asynchronous)
10 Web Interface - Night Mode
10 Add Two Factor Authentication to Comet Client
10 Send critical warnings from the server log via email to the admin
10 Autotask RMM Integration
10 User Signup Through App
10 Combine all Device backup reports into one single backup notification email.
10 Show next scheduled time of protected items n the "Protected Items" web interface
10Trending Add Ability to See Comet Server Storage Availability on Dashboard
9 Exchange mailbox support
9 Provide Windows client as MSI
9 Show Protected Item Size
9 Syncro MSP RMM-PSA integration
9 Force user to change password on first logon/connect
9 Adjustable timeout for admin control panel login sessions
9 Add System Tray Context Menu Backup Options
8 Estimate Backup Size
8 Vault Retention by Size
8 Show Logs button for RUNNING jobs in GUI
7 Update restore treeview to show versions of each file
7 Don't backup on some networks (VPN / mobile 4G / ...)
7 CBT driver
7 Bare Metal Recovery / MacOS Full System Backup
7 Replicate Admin accounts and TOTP information to replica Auth servers
7 Ship Comet Server as a Docker Container
7 Server Setup wizard - usability improvement suggestions
7 LDAP for user logins
7 Backup ACLs for files and directories
6 File based include/exclude lists
6 NinjaRMM Integration
6 Desktop GUI for Linux (Ubuntu / GNOME / KDE)
6 Limit number of concurrently running backups per client and storage vault
6 Linux Repository
6 Set a global option to display speed in Mbps
6 Single button to cancel all in progress jobs.
6 API - Last Successful Backup in User Profile
6 Show Storage Vault destination while backing up
6 Remember names for deleted Protected Items
6 Public Download Links
6 Tagging Servers and Workstations (at the device level)
6 Integrate with cPanel
6 Do not attempt skipped backups
6 Backup File Selection Order
6 Delete selected files from within existing backup job snapshot
6Trending Separate retention pass from backup job.
5 New Account / Device Notifications
5 Sharepoint farm backup
5 Resize column widths in the Restore selected items dialog
5 Mongo Backup
5 Include regex
5 Display a list of the files currently being backed up in Job
5 Add Duo Mobile as an option for two-factor auth
5 Ask For Replace File
5 Comet Server should show device version on User page Devices tab
5 Hide server address from app
5 Set Default Time Zone
5 Data delete confirmation
5 color picker - preview selection
5 Support for ZFS snapshots
5 Agent interface left column width
5Trending Removing Device Also Removes Storage
4 Client News To Selected Users
4 Notification popup
4 recover progress bar after upgrade or software close
4 Add a Policy to prevent the use of UNC Paths
4 Silent install support for macOS
4 In Bulk Update - Change OS
4 Show Comet Version in History tab in GUI app
3 Ability to select sort column in Restore selected items dialog
3 protect plans with password
3 Multiple Users access GUI
3 Add Sample Policies
3 Plesk addon for backup
3 Folder paths and/or filenames in email notifications
3 Password View or Confirmation
2 Expand range of conversions from other products
2 Improve "REQUEST A FEATURE" with priority choice
2 Warning for non scheduled backup
2 Drag and Drop Files
2 Set Proxy Though Client Interface
2 In Policies have an option to turn on Take File System Snapshot
2 Add an optional field to support tickets - "User Account"
2 what type of license to assign to the customer
2 Automate Server Creation
2 Policies option: Set Cancel Backup After A Set Time
2 Prevent from showing other devices
2 Toggle Account Name As Required
2 Policy - Enforce Email Report to a specific address for monitoring
2 Backup and History Log view condense date
2 Extending Quota settings
2 Network Deployment
1 Filter and export Credit History
1 Attaching snips into Support Tickets
1 notification for empty backup
1 Option to automatically save client log file to text file
1 support the storage area in dropbox
1 Cloud memory binding of Strato HiDrive Business
1 Remove Resources from Public Website
1 allow users to change load balance cut offs
0 Zimbra Backup per mailbox