Seed Load Walkthrough 


This is a graphical walkthrough of the Seed Load process. It contains limited technical information. For technical information about the Seed Load process, please see the Comet Backup Usage > Seed Load section.


Step 1 

Create a new "Local Path" Storage Vault. This will initially represent the seed device, and will later represent the remote device.

Step 2 

Perform a backup to the Storage Vault.

Step 3 

Create a new Bucket on a Comet Server

Step 4 

Move data from the seed device into the Bucket's data directory.

By default, the Bucket's data directory will either be (A) empty, or (B) contain only empty directories. Do not continue if any files would be overwritten.

Step 5 

Change the Storage Vault in the client settings to point to the Bucket.

It's very important that you change the existing Storage Vault, not create a new Storage Vault, because the data is encrypted with properties from this specific Vault.

Step 6 

Test backup/restore from the Storage Vault's new location.