Become a Comet Partner

Comet is looking for partners in all regions. Join us and help spread the great news.

There are 3 types of partner relationship; Distributors, Resellers and Key Referral Partners (KRP).

If you are interested in joining us on this exciting journey, please email us confidentially at


Distributors operate in a defined geographical market. They pay a fee for exclusive or non-exclusive rights to distribute Comet for a specified period. This is usually 2 years and may include a right of renewal. In turn, they receive a commission on sales. Exclusive distributors receive the distribution commission for all sales in their region. Non-exclusive distributors receive a commission only for sales that are directly attributed to them.

Who makes a good Distributor?

  • Already distributing business-to-business software
  • Have existing relationships in the IT sector
  • Experienced in selling and marketing SaaS and desktop software
  • Has knowledge of the computer backup market
  • Driven for growth, sales and success


Resellers are typically smaller partners with a specific area of influence. Their relationship is directly with the distributor, and distributors may appoint a limited number of suitable resellers within their region, provided they meet certain criteria.

Who makes a good Reseller?

  • Existing relationships with IT professionals, and computer backup companies
  • Knowledge or experience working with backup software
  • Already selling software that may complement Comet
  • Good local knowledge of the market, and those operating in their region

Key Referral Partner

Key Referral Partners are organisations with a significant sphere of influence, which would likely have a market that spans multiple distribution regions. KRP’s receive a commission directly from Comet in a similar way to distributors.

Who makes a good KRP?

  • Strongly influential in their market sector with an existing customer base
  • Global or cross-regional reach
  • Suppliers of software to the IT industry (such as RMM, Helpdesk, Remote Support etc)
  • Hardware manufacturers & suppliers (PC, NAS, Server, Storage, Mobile Device)